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Inspired by successes of Alumni Groups in the Chattanooga, TN; Dallas-Fort Worth, TX and Potsdam, NY areas, the first gathering was on July 6, 1996 at Micks Restaurant at Fair Oaks Mall, Fairfax, Va. Nine Brothers, including Bruce Hall, then-PG-27, were in attendance. Even though the "Cruise Director," Rich Legon, of Gamma Alpha got lost, we still managed to have a fine meal.  All told, present were Andy Loftus (AZ), Jim George (GA), Ryan Dempsey (GA), Bruce Hall, Rich Legon (GA), Jeff Schaefer (GA), Steven Geritano (GA) and Rob McKeever (AZ).  Also present was a 9th brother, whose name was not written down (well, neither were the rest of them, but several sharp memories among those who attended have recaptured the above list).

Afterward, those six who chose to brave the evening in Georgetown had a supurb time. They settled at a bar on M Street: Charing Cross. Much fine drink was had, and discussion soon followed.

An early presence was maintained through the establishment of a website in support of the movement, begun with a compilation of musical resources and venues, neighboring active and inactive chapters, and contact information.  Mark Crewson led the organizational effort, while Rob McKeever handled early webmaster duties.

Several brothers from the area attended the 1997 Assembly in Cincinnati, linking up a few sets of brothers who had been working independently toward the same goal, and enabled a core group to get organizational efforts moving again. 

Mark Crewson sent an initial announcement of a first meeting in an email on November 5th, 1997 to six recipients, where he proposed attending an NSO Concert at the Kennedy Center combined with dinner there or elsewhere in the vicinity.  A second email to some 13 recipients on November 12th, 1997, announced the concert was sold out, so arrangements were made for a dinner meeting late in November.

An informal dinner meeting was held on November 22, 1997 at the Tony & Joe’s on the Waterfront in Georgetown. The after action email went to 17 recipients on November 24, 1997, and quickly illustrated the need for a dedicated listserve.  Mark Crewson contacted then Director of Information Services Brian “Retriever” Martin (Iota Alpha), and shortly after, by November 26, 1997, thedcalumni@sinfonia.net listserv had been born.  Just a few days later, on December 6, 1997, the web pages were moved to sinfonia.net/dcalumni, where they would reside for five and a half years.


Saturday, December 13th, 1997, was the first official organizational meeting with 14 Brothers present for dinner near WETA’s radio station, where the Province 27 Council meeting was that day. The following gentlemen agreed to serve as a core group for the association: Derek Danilson, Dan Gawthrop (Vice President), Bruce Hall (Secretary), Jeff Hoffman (Communications Chair), Dave Montouri (Treasurer), and Mark Crewson, who was elected President.  [On a side note, Brother McKeever, though in town, missed this fateful meeting in order to propose to his wife]

The next meeting was held on Saturday, January 24, 1998 with the following Brothers in attendance: Doug Boedeker, Mark Crewson, Derek Danilson, Bruce Hall, Jeff Hoffman, David Jakes (Province Outreach Chair), Dave Montouri and Brennan Tanner. The schedule for the rest of the year was drawn up and possible programming was discussed.

The topics we discussed were: our monthly dinner/business meetings, relations with the chapter at Howard University, our participation in upcoming province, regional, and national events, the future possibility of colonizing area schools, attending musical concerts as a group, delaying service projects until we have more active Brothers in the group or until a Brother like Dan Gawthrop is able to provide us with a project that is feasible for our current group size, and how to ensure that our first mass mailing to area Brothers will grab their attention and make them want to get involved with the group.

The January 24th, 1998 meeting is the first one with known pictures.

The next Saturday, January 31, 1998, word came down from the Commission on Standards that the interest group's petition for an association charter had been approved! The group was now official. Way to go Washingtonians!  National Historial T. Jervis Underwood notes in his history of alumni organizations that 31 brothers were on the petition, including Leonard Slatkin, Jeffrey Neuhauser, Bruce Hall, Lou Persic, Derek Danilson, John Bourgeois and Mark Crewson as President.

April of 1998 found Jeff Hoffman taking pictures already!  Mark Crewson, Dave Jakes, Jeff Hoffamn and Carl Ruck grace the meetings pictures! (Probably at Timberlake’s Restaurant, 1726 Connecticut Ave NW)

May 1998’s meeting was at Mrs Simpson’s Restaurant, 2915 Connecticut Ave NW – Dave Jakes is posed with the marquee sign.

Brother Roy Firestone hosted an informal recital on June 20, 1998 at St. Stephen, the Martyr Church, followed up by dinner at Mic’s. Brother Firestone is the organist at St. Stephen.

June was also the month the website was moved to its location on Sinfonia.net, and the one-page format was split into several sub-pages for members, events, overview (history), neighboring chapters and local musical resources. *** Note on September 29, 2006 – an email from yours truly dated December 5, 1997 confirms the move to Sinfonia.net at that time, and not June – June must have been the redesign/page split.

The Association held its first annual picnic at the Washington, Va, home of Col. John R. Bourgeois, Zeta Pi ’56, on the 18th of July 1998. Also there were Harvey Jacobson and Jim Westerhouse, charter members of Rho Omega at VCU.


August 15th, 1998 was an Association trip to Kings Dominion, traveling from the usual meeting spot of the East Falls Church Metro Station.

August 29, 1998’s meeting was hosted by Mark Crewson.  Derek Danilson, Dr. Ballo, Jeff Hoffman was elected president. 

Anticipated future dates from the 6-3-98 webpage archive: 9-19-98 10-17-98 11-14-98 12-12-98

The December 1998 event was a sing among 8 brothers at the Hermitage, where the DCAAA received its first local press.


In Early 1999, Dave Groomes took over webmaster duties, and a much-needed redesign took place.

The April 1999 meeting and dinner was on the 2nd floor of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in NW DC.  At least a dozen brothers were in attendance. Carl Ruck, Dave Groomes, Jim McCully (director), Derek Danilson (PG 27), Dave Montouri, and several brothers from Howard (Zeta Iota).   This was followed by what would become the first annual All-Alumni Ritual. While Associations cannot initiate new members, we feel that annually refreshing ourselves with the ideals contained therein is crucial.

The Dinner portion featured Will Mulligan, Dave Montouri, Dave Groomes, Nels Olson, Jim McCully, Carl Ruck, Mark Crewson, Derek Danilson, Jeff Hoffman, Dr. Ballo, Dave Jakes, and Jim Scribner.

The May 1999 dinner meeting was also well attended, with many brothers in fine spirits. Held at a D.C. Sports bar, Dr. Ballo, Mark Crewson, Terry Longstreth, Jeff Hoffman, Harvey Jacobson, Mark Crewson’s dad (also a brother), Carl Ruck, Dave Groomes and Jim McCully.


June 1999 found a return performance at the Hermitage Retirement Home.

The 2nd Annual picnic was in July of 1999 at the Colonel’s home.  Word of his Jambalaya spread far and wide, with at least 19 brothers were in attendance.  Seven brothers carpooled from the West Falls Church Metro station, among them being PG 27 Derek Danilson, Jim McCully, Mark Crewson, Dave Montouri, Terry Longstreth. Also evidenced in photographs are Jeff Schaefer, Jeff Hoffman, Rob McKeever, Nels Olson (with hair!), Carl Davis, Dr. Ballo and Stephen White, who played the role of Grillmaster.


Officer elections took place at the August 1999 meeting, with Jim McCully was elected president; Dr. Joe Ballo, Vice President; Dave Groomes, Secretary; Mark Crewson, Treasurer; with Jeff Hoffman assuming the role of past-president. Also present were Stephen White (Social Chair), Terry Longstreth, Carl Ruck (Accompanist), Gary Plaag, Pete Vanderburgh and Nels Olson.

The account of this year is augmented by the recollections of Jim McCully:




James McCully and Mark Crewson meet formally to pursuade the Executive Director of the fraternity to host the 2003 Sinfonian Convention in Washington DC.  After our meeting at the upscale champagne and jazz club 701 Penn, we retired to Capital Grille for a delightful dinner with the Lyrecrest executive director and the DCAAA Sinfonians for Fine Wines, Aged Steaks, Desserts, After Dinner Drinks and Cigars.

Lyrecrest executive director was so impressed with Mark Crewson and James McCully proposal, and the DCAAA Sinfonian turnout in support of 2003 Convention being in Washington DC that he assured us it was a done deal. There was much merrymaking and songsinging and a fine time was had by all.

Governor James L. Gilmore, III of the Common Wealth of Virginia Proclaims it PHI MU ALPHA SINFONIAN OF AMERICA DAY on 2 October 1999 in honor of our Founders Day Ceremony and the Men of Music in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

DCAAA hosted its Founders Day Ceremony at Arlington National Cemetary's Post Chapel with presentations by the United States Color Guard and the United States Army Male Chorus.  Lifetime Achievement Awards were presented to Colonel John Bourgeois, United States Marine Corps Band; Colonel Arnald Gabriel, United States Air Force Band; Colonel John Shelbourne, United States Army Band; and military band composer Dr. Francis McBeth.  Our candle lighting ceremony was performed and officers were installed with an oath of office.  (Video Taped)

DCAAA helped to raise money for Capital Children's Charities at Belmont Mansion Grand Ball in Washington DC. DCAAA Sinfonians were transported back in time for a dazzling look at upper class life in the early 1900's as they danced the night away in formal attire to an elegant 19 piece orchestra and dined on exotic appetizers, cuisine, and pastries in this magnificent building which was the Washington, D.C. home of wealthy New York congressman Perry Belmont. The mansion grand entrance features a replica of the Paris Opera's Grand Staircase, hand carved Italian marble, German woodwork, Tiffany vases, works of art and furnishings from around the world.

DCAAA hosts it annual SIX FLAGS AMERICA DAY in its 1776 tradition.  DCAAA Sinfonians enjoyed a day of thrilling adventure as they rode THE WILD ONE and enjoy the many attractions that this theme park has to offer.  DCAAA brothers had the opportuny to fellowship together during meal breaks and visit the shops for some much-needed downtime after the rollercoaster rides.  DCAAA Sinfonians agreed this was one of the funniest days of their lives in the fraternity.

DCAAA Sinfonian Chorus performed for President William Jefferson Blythe Clinton at the White House State Governors Reception.  In honor of the White House Bicentennial Celebration, Mr. McCully's AN AMERICAN PRESIDENT "For All These Years" was premiered.  DCAAA Sinfonians were a part of history in the making being the first Sinfonians to perform for An American President in the White House. (DAT RECORDING)

DCAAA hosted its Annual Black Tie Christmas Party on the Rooftop Terrace of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC. DCAAA Sinfonians lifted their glasses in cheer toasting each other, dining on elegant cuisine, walking along the moonlight terrace over the Potomac River and viewing the majestic monuments in Washington DC.  DCAAA Sinfonians gathered around the concert grand piano and sang songs around the Christmas Tree. A wonderful time was had by all, and memorable experience to last a lifetime.

DCAAA hosted its Anniversary Celebration on President's Day in the Presidential Suite at Union Station with elegant cuisine from B. Smith's Restaurant.  United States  Air Force Band director Colonel Arnold Gabriel was our honored guest for the evening. Dr. Elise Kirk, author of "Music in the White House" gave a brilliant presentation about history of music and the presidents.  Dr. Kirk gave the DCAAA Sinfonians signed copies of her book. The DCAAA Sinfonians presented WGMS radio personality Renee Cheney an AWARD OF EXCELLENCE for WGMS 103.5 Classical Music Station for their outstanding programing of classical music in Washington DC.  Toasts were made to our honored guests and DCAAA sang a SERENADE to Elise Kirk and Renee Cheney.  A wonderful time was had by all. (Video Taped)

DCAAA hosted its annual EQUESTRIAN EVENT at Greensway Stables where Sinfonians experienced the joys of riding English or Western style.  Each Sinfonian was matched with an appropriate horse and ventured out onto trails of woodland and open fields. DCAAA was provided with a breathtaking adventure down natural slopes, across creeks and over flat area where they experienced many types of wildlife including wildcats, foxes, and deer.  After our ride, DCAAA sinfonians had a little wildlife with a prepared meal of VENISON CHILI and HOT SPICED CIDAR after a hard day's ride. A memorable day in the lives of many Sinfonians.

DCAAA raised money for WETA Public Television in support of music programming during their annual pledge drive telethon.  The THREE IRISH TENORS CONCERT was featured programming for the telethon pledge drive with the IRISH TENORS in the studio.  DCAAA Sinfonians got a chance to have their pictures taken with the world famous IRISH TENORS Ronan Tynan and Anthony Keams. (Video Taped)

DCAAA hosts the NORTHEAST REGIONAL CONCLAVE at the George Washington Masonic Memorial.  DCAAA hosted the opening night dessert and coffee, with International Artist Manager Ann Summers answering questions and presenting a seminar on "How To Make a Living and Have A Career as a Professional Musician".  Delegates from around the region were treated by DCAAA to a Continential Breakfast and numerous seminars throughout the day.  A walking tour of Old Town Alexandria was given, and a step sing was held on the George Washington Masonic Memorial steps over looking the cornerstones of our nation's capital. The ritual was held in the Rotunda of the George Washington Masonic Memorial where the pledge class of the Nu Psi Chapter at Shenandoah Conservatory was initiated.  A special international conductor Maestro Florio, was initiated into the Sinfonia at this special event.  After the ritual, the delegates were served delicious steak dinners in private rooms at Joe Theisman's Restaurant across from the George Washington Masonic Memorial.  A number of toasts were given, and songs were song before heading off to the hotel for socializing after the event.  (Video Taped)

DCAAA hosts an INFORMANCE: LUNCHEAN WITH COMPOSER CARLISLE FLOYD at the Ritz Carlton in Pentagon City. The Father of American Opera, composer Carlisle Floyd shared insights into the art of composition, his life, his commitment to the Sinfonian and his love of music.  DCAAA Sinfonians spent two hours asking him questions. Carlisle Floyd is the only American composer to have his opera OF MICE AND MEN performed at the METROPOLITAN and his opera the CRUCIBLE performing at NEW YORK CITY OPERA at the same time.  (Video Taped)

DCAAA attends the THREE TENORS CONCERT with Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavoratti and Jose Carreras at the MCI Center in Washington DC.  This was the first group music performance attended by the DCAAA and final tour of the world famous THREE TENORS. An historic first for the DCAAA and a once in a lifetime concert experience.

DCAAA meets in its permanent home I.O.O.F. Temple across from the Shakespeare Theatre on Seventh Street at the Archive Metro Stop.  After months of negotiations, James McCully secures a permanent place for ritual and music rehearsals twice a month.  The first meeting in the RED, BLACK and GOLD room in massive chairs and impressive furniture was a huge advancement into finding an idea location for meetings.  Sinfonians enjoyed a spanish dinner of tapas and marquitas at Jaleo's next door to the Shakespeare Theatre before our first meeting in our new facility.

DCAAA hosts its annual summer cookout at Colonel John Bourgeois in Washington, Virginia.  This event is looked forward to each year at the Marine Corps Band former conductor and his famous Cajun Jambalaya.  This is the final event of the year before elections of new officers.  A much needed reflection time for DCAAA Sinfonians to sit back, relax and talk about the events of the previous year and look toward the future events under the administration of a new president.

Most of these events were documented by pictures, video tape, and dat recording devices.




October 2nd, 1999 was proclaimed Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America Day in the Commonwealth of Virginia by proclaimation issued by Governor James S. Gilmore, III.

Certificate of Regcognition

By virtue of the authority vested by the Constitution in the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, there is hereby officially recognized:


WHEREAS, music, often described as the universal language, is one of the great arts, and its value is recognized by young and old alike as a source of enrichment; and

WHEREAS, Phi Mu Alpha evolved in 1898 as an organized male music group from the New England Conservatory of Music and was accepted to the Sinfonia in October 1900 as a fraternity that upholds the brotherhood of musical students and the advancement of music in America; and

WHEREAS, Phil Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity has over 1,200 members in the Commonwealth that actively encourage and promote the highest standards of creativity, performance, education and research of music in America; and

WHEREAS, October 2, 1999 is the Founder’s Day celebration which will be held at the Arlington National Cemetery Old Post Chapel marking the beginning of the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity by a ceremonial musical presentation; and

WHEREAS, it is appropriate for all Virginians to honor this anniversary and the important contributions of these outstanding men of music;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, James S. Gilmore, III, do hereby recognize October 2, 1999 as PHIL MU ALPHA SINFONIA FRATERNITY OF AMERICA DAY in the COMMONWEALTH OF VIRGINIA, and I call this observance to the attention of all our citizens.

                                                James S. Gilmore, III, Governor

                                                Anne P. Petera, Secretary of the Commonwealth


Officer installation occurred at Ft. Myer in October of 1999, in conjunction with a founders day celebration. Honored were Col. John R. Bourgeois, US Marine Band; Col. Arnald D. Gabriel, US Air Force Band; Col. Bryan Shelburne, Jr., US Army Band and Dr. W. Francis McBeth, composer. National VP Brian M. Stratton and PG 27 Derek Danilson are also in attendance.  The US Army Male Chorus was also on hand.  It was followed by the Belmont Manison Ball. All are dressed to the hilt in Black Tie.  Brother Gabriel was a member of the Washington, D.C. Professional Chapter of Sinfonia, the first such chapter, which had been founded in June of 1974.  The DC Professional Chapter was a predecessor of the DCAAA, even though we didn’t realize it until much later…

December 12th, 1999 also had us perform at the Officer Installation ceremony for the DC Masonic Federal Lodge #1, chartered in 1793.  Steven White sang Ave Maria, and the brotherhood chorus sang the Star Spangled Banner. A planned performance at the Hermitage had to be postponed because things ran so long.

December 17th, 1999 had us concluding a black-tie fall by performing at the White House, with 19 brothers led by brother McCully.  President Clinton was kind enough to drop by and take a pair of photos with the group of assembled Sinfonians, as did Presidential dog Buddy.  The one photo has Clinton giving the brothers a thumbs-up.  The brothers were given a tour of many first floor rooms, including a few candid encounters with Buddy.

January 2000 saw the domain dcsinfonia.org registered as a simpler address to give out.

February 12th, 2000 was the New Millennium Anniversary Dinner at Union Station’s Presidential Suite.  The program featured a presentation on the life of Abraham Lincoln, as “The first president to bring Music to the White House.” Honoree was Renee Cheney, a radio personality from D.C.’s classical station, 103.5 WGMS.  The welcome was given by Col. Arnald D. Gabriel, U.S. Air Force Band.

DCAAA Hosted the 2000 Northeast Regional


On March 7th, 2000, we helped with the WETA TV 26’s March pledge drive.  DCAAA was in the studio the evening the Three Irish Tenors concert aired, and the station raised $19,655 of their total $1,174,363 while DCAAA was there.  Present included James McCulley, David Groomes, Nels Olsen, Philip Cormany, Mark Crewson, and Dave Montouri, who appeared in a photograph with tenor Anthony Kearns and tenor Ronan Tynan.

11 March 2000 saw a joint fraternity musicale between members of Mu Phi Epsilon, Sigma Alpha Iota and Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia. Performing on our behalf were Mark Crewson, Jim McCully and Guiseppe De Bartolo.


The 2nd Annual all-alumni ritual was once again a huge hit, at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in N.W., D.C.

June 17th, 2000: Hermitage retirment home – rescheduled from December.  10 songs from the red book were sung,


July 27th, 2000 – Nels switches email addresses to @yahoo.com…

August 11th was during the Dallas assembly, where the DCAAA was represented by Jim McCully, Dave Groomes, and Mark Crewson.  A presentation was made by the Association on DC as a host city for the 2003 Assembly.

Officer elections were held August 19th, 2000 at Mark Crewson’s apartment. Nels Olson, AZ ’93, was elected President, Joe Ballo, Vice President, Jeff Hoffman, Secretary and Dave Groomes, Treasurer and Stephen White, Events Coordinator.


The 3rd Annual picnic was another rousing success on August 26th, 2000.  It heralded the selection of Washington, D.C. as host city for the 2003 National Assembly.  August 16th, 2000 found Jim McCully sending a farewell state of the Association “speech” via the dcalumni listserv.


Sunday, August 27th, 2000 found an Event Planning meeting hosted by President Nels Olson at his Monroe Street residence in Adams Morgan.

November 4th, 2000 saw horseback riding at Main Tree Farm in Leesburg, Virginia. Dr. Ballo made his famous chili, and all were rewarded by attending.

November 11th, 2000 saw a well attended Executive Committee meeting, with brothers Nels Olson, Dave Groomes, Mark Crewson, Jeff Hoffman, Carl Ruck, Stephen White, Jim McCully, Dave Montouri and Jose Rivas present, and Probationary member Patrick White as well.

December 1-2 – delegation attends the rechartering of the chapter at Temple University in Philadelphia.

December 9th, 2000 had the Association following in the footsteps of George Washington, with a dinner meeting at historic Gadsby’s Tavern in Old Town Alexandria.  Caught on film include Stephen White, Nels Olson, Terry Longstreth and his wife, Mark Crewson, Dr. Joe Ballo, Patrick White and Dave Groomes.  Jeff Hoffman’s presence implied by presence of camera and photos.


January 27th, 2001 saw the 3rd anniversary dinner hosted by Stephen White at his home in Northeast, D.C.  Photos show Dave Jakes, Patrick White, Terry Longstreth and his wife, Mark Crewson, Carl Ruck, Dave Groomes and his wife Becky all attending.

The February 17th, 2001 dinner was at Marshall’s Restaurant, 2524 L Street NW.  The meeting following was at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 2430 K Street NW, declared the new official meeting place on February 16th, 2001.

The Association was represented at the Province 27 workshop, February 23-24, 2001 at Epsilon Sigma (West Virginia University) by David Jakes, Nels Olson, Mark Crewson and Jeff Hoffman.

March 17th, 2001 was the Spring concert/recital at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Northwest D.C.


April 6th-8th, 2001 was the Northeast Regional at Atlantic City, N.J.

Saturday, April 21st, 2001 was the monthly meeting held at St. Paul’s.

May 5th, 2001 found the association doing a “workshop” of the all-alumni ritual among members, having borrowed Xi Mu’s exquipment, at the St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in NW, D.C.   Mark Crewson was ritual director.  Cast included Carl Ruck, Nels Olson, Jason Wolfe, Dave Jakes, Dr. Ballo, Stephen White, Terry Longstreth, Patrick White and Jeff Hoffman.


June 9th, 2001 saw a joint trip to Hershey Park with the fledgling Philadelphia Alumni Association.

Treasurer Dave Groomes got Married on July 7th.  Becky is stuck with him now…

August 11th, 2001 was the 4th Annual picnic at Colonel Bourgeois’, kicking off another successful year.  It was a rainy day at the Colonel’s, but we all got to see the new Tuscan kitchen he had built since the previous year.  Caught on film include the Colonel himself, Adam Wyatt and fiancée, Terry Longstreth and his wife, Jim McCully, Dr. Ballo, Dave Rosenmarkle, Dave Groomes, Rob McKeever, Nels Olson, and Carl Davis.  The wings and jumbalaya were to die for, as they lived up to the Colonel’s reputation!


After much discussion, and a postponement until the September meeting, Nels Olson was re-elected President after an amendment to the bylaws to have the Vice President automatically become president the next year, effective with the new VP, Dave Groomes.  Jeff Hoffman re-elected Secretary, and Terry Longstreth elected Treasurer.  This change underscores a realization that the bylaws were archaic compared to the current needs and structure of the Association. A bylaws committee in Jeff Hoffman, Dave Groomes and Rob McKeever is appointed, who report back to the association with a revised document early in 2002.  Final ratification of these revisions occurred at the September, 2002 meeting at Jeff Hoffman’s home.


September 29th finds the meeting at Dave Rosenmarkle’s office, with Brothers Davis, Groomes, Rosenmarkle, Olson, Hoffman, Longstreth, Schaefer, McKeever and first timers Bill Parker (Rho Sigma – West Chester) and Keith Wilson (Kappa Xi – Northern Arizona)s.

December of 2001 found an Association write-up in the Gold section of The Sinfonian:

Greetings Brothers!!!! The DCAAA has had an active 200-2001 year! We have enjoyed slow, steady growth over the course of the year, and now enjoy a regular membership of 12 dedicated alumni Sinfionians who attend monthly events. We have welcomed over 20 Collegiates throughout the year as wel. Our events this year have been varied, but nonetheless fun and full of Brotherhood. We have been horseback riding and taken a trip to Hershey Park. Over the Christmas season we spent an evening of Brotherhood enjoying the season as George Washington did, at historic Gadsby's Tavern in Alexandria, VA.  We celebrated our third full year in existence with a potluck dinner, performed a "contemplative" ritual , allowing those who have not seen a Ritual in many years to refresh their memories and to discuss the richness of meaning in the event. DCAAA has been active in Province 27 events as well, including Province Council meetings, Province and regional workshops, as well as the rechartering of the chapter at Temple University. Our events for the year culminated in our 4th Annual DCAAA picnic at Man of Music Col. Bourgeois' home. Overall, it was a busy, productive year for us. Of course, we are busy preparing ourselves for the 2003 Assembly in DC! We can't wait to see you all there!!!


Jeff Hoffman, Lambda Beta ‘88

Secretary, DCAAA

We also were privileged to have a write up about the step sing at the US Capitol following the September 2001 meeting, thanks to Jeff Schaefer having submitted to the Red & Black for the section “Sinfonia Reacts to a National Crisis”.

October 14th, 2001 saw the Executive Committee hold its fall meeting at Nels Olson’s new Massachusetts Ave apartment.

Novemeber 10th, 2001 was a dinner meeting at Guapo’s Mexican Restaurant in Bethesda, Maryland.  The only notation of attendance at this meeting was of a fresh face, that of Brother Sean Harrington, and 2nd timer Keith Wilson (Kappa Xi), and we assume,.

Jeff Hoffman represented the Association at Nu Psi (Shenandoah University)’s initiation.

December 8th, 2001 was the chartering of Pi Eta Chapter (Morgan State University, Baltimore, Maryland).  A delegation attended the Chartering, following a dinner at the 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant in College Park, Maryland.



January 2002 found the 4th Anniversary pot-luck dinner at Jeff Hoffman’s home. Photographic evidence confirms that Nels Olson, Terry Longstreth & his wife, Dave Jakes, Carl Davis, Dave Groomes and Jeff Hoffman were all there.

February 22nd-23rd, 2002 was the Province 27 workshop, hosted by the Zeta Iota Chapter of Howard University in DC.

March 8-10, 2002 found several representatives of the Association at the Northeast Regional in Gettysburg, Pa.

Dave Rosenmarkle hosted the March 23rd, 2002 meeting at his Arlington office, where brothers Schaefer, Longstreth, Rosenmarkle, Ballo, McCully, Groomes, and Kevin Zarcone enjoyed pizza, song and brotherhood.

May 18th, 2002 was the Association’s fourth annual all-alumni ritual, again at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on K Street in Northwest D.C. Seen are Jason Wolfe, Nels Olson, Dave Groomes, Dr. Ballo, Mark Crewson, Terry Longstreth, Jeff Schaefer and Chris I.

July 13th, 2002 was an alumni recital at the Woodside Retirement Home in Silver Spring, Maryland.  Music featured included Hail Sinfonia, On and Ever Upward, Vive L’Amour, Sweetheart Song, Star Spangled Banner, Let Me Call You Sweetheart, The Longest Time (Billy Joel), You’re a Grand Old Flag (Cohan) and two solo pieces sung by Dave Groomes.

The Fifth Annual Picnic at Col. Bourgeois’ home was on August 10th, 2002.  Several brothers were in attendance, along with one spouse and one girlfriend. Grill duties were reserved for Shannon Cloman this time.  We mourned the loss of the Colonel’s dog, but the cats attempted to make up for the lost presence.   Seen by Jeff Hoffman’s lens include: Nels Olson, Dave Montouri, the Colonel, Charles Davis, Dave Jakes, Shannon Cloman & his wife, Stephen White & girlfriend, Mark Crewson, Dr. Ballo, Derek Danilson, Brian Burns, Rob McKeever… There were others, so if your name is left out, please let us know!


21 September 2002’s meeting was at Jeff Hoffman’s house, where the election of officers occurred.  Dave Groomes inherited the Presidency per the bylaws, while Rob McKeever was elected Vice President, Jeff Hoffman Secretary, Terry Longstreth Treasurer, and Nels Olson, Member at Large.  Brothers present were Cloman, Schaefer, Groomes, Hoffman, McCully, McKeever, Muha, Montouri & Olson.  Much pizza was consumed, and we even watched the Florida-Tennessee game for Dave Groomes’ sake.

October 20th finds the association meeting at Dave Rosenmarkle’s office, where the 2002-2003 schedule was set and more pizza was consumed. Brothers in attendance were Groomes, Hoffman, Rosenmarkle, Muha, Montouri & Cloman. The ideas for a fall fundraiser were presented, with several brothers tasked to do research.  A message from PG 27 Danilson was presented with our expected roles for the Assembly itself, including registration, chauffeur duty, concierge duty, identifying low-cost parking areas for the duration, and raising a $1000 toward the Province sponsored banquet.  We were also tasked with arranging with local media for coverage of the event.

October 25th – 27th 2002 – 6 members of the Association attend the first “Northeast” alumni retreat at the Cole-Harris Gun Club in Horse Valley, west of Shippensburg, Pa, along with 7 other alumni, including Derek Danilson, PG27 and Robb Whitmoyer, National VP and PG21. The Philadelphia Association was represented by Ryan Dumont; while Brian Panulla and Matt Gourley from central PA; Don Cramer, Harrisburg and Andy Zerance, Pittsburgh; Province 21 alumni-at-large all.  Association members in attendance were Brothers Cloman, Olson, Muha, Hoffman, Groomes and McKeever.  The products of this retreat included the majority of the alumni legislative proposals [passed 65-0 at the assembly], as well as visioning and brainstorming on what tasks were necessary between now and the Assembly, and who would take care of them.  Robb Whitmoyer was at his usual flair for the stove, and Shannon’s wings were the treat of Friday night, for those of us who got there late enough to have to brave the fog over the mountain.

The November 2002 meeting was again hosted by Dave Rosenmarkle. The only photographic proof is of Dave Jakes’ presence.  Jeff Hoffman and Jake Muha are also known to have been at this meeting.  This meeting gave rise to several budget possibilities if we enacted local dues, with the goal of covering a mailing every year, purchasing ritual equipment either in one year or budgeted over several, and to cover miscellaneous expenses.

December 14th had us sing at the Woodside Center (Genesis ElderCare Network), with a crew of Nels Olson, Dave & Becky Groomes, Dave Montouri, Rob McKeever and a trio of brothers from Howard performing several tunes, including a humorous version of “O Christmas Tree”.   Afterward, we met at the Woodside Diner on Georgia Ave, and discussed via teleconference with Terry Longstreth (He was at an undisclosed location in Illinois) the possibilities of local association dues, further postponing any vote until the next business meeting.

In January 2003, six members of the Association attended the 2nd Alumni Retreat at Cole-Harris, brothers Groomes, Cloman, Zarcone, Hoffman, Muha and McKeever.  Derek Danilson, PG27 and Robb Whitmoyer, PG21 and National VP were there as well, along with a 24-hour cameo by Rich Legon, resident of Province 1 and Gamma Alpha alum. This event saw the definition of the office of Alumni Secretary completely rewritten [was passed at the Assembly], the PAC resolution composed [passed at Assembly slightly reworded], and a rewrite of the Alumni section of the Themes for Brotherhood.  Robb Whitmoyer’s cooking was supurb, and Shannon’s taco dip was to die for.  The attending brothers were weak in drinking, killing only 14 beers in two days, while killing almost 2 cases of water.  We even watched “Undercover Brother” on DVD using Dave Groomes’ laptop!

Association day was celebrated a day late, on February 1, 2003, to coincide with the NEC meeting at the OMNI-Shoreham hotel in preparation for the 2003 National Assembly, now less than 6 months away. Four Howard brothers joined the DCAAA, represented by Jim McCully, Shannon Cloman & his wife, Dave Groomes & his wife Becky, Adam Wyatt & his wife, Jeff Hoffman, Jake Muha and Rob McKeever. Also joining were Derek Danilson, PG27, along with the entire NEC and Executive Director Ryan Ripperton. All told, 22 brothers and three wives attended the dinner at the Medaterra Restaurant on Connecticut Ave, NW, a block from the hotel on the triangle of 24th, Connecticut and Calvert. Afterward, several retired to Murphy’s of D.C. on 24th Street (also on the triangle). A few even toured the lobby of the hotel, an early recon mission that didn’t last long before we all retired for the evening. 


February 13th saw brothers Jeff Hoffman, Nels Olson, Jake Muha and Rob McKeever hold a rehearsal at Brother Hoffman’s home, in what may be the first rehearsal of a doo-wop ensemble.  Tom West’s (AZ ’92) arrangement of “I Could Write a Book” was rehearsed.  After much reflection, it was determined it was too little, too late to attempt actual valentines for the year 2003. The hope of getting an ensemble together faded into the Assembly planning, to be revived afterward.

In response to the void caused by the cancellation of Singing Valentines, Nels Olson, Jake Muha and Rob McKeever gathered for dinner and drinks at Brady’s Irish Pub in Manassas, plotting in things Sinfonian, and making impromptu phone calls to the likes of Mark Crewson (Happy Birthday Mark) and Andy Loftus.

February 22nd & 23rd saw a delegation from the association attend the Province 27 Workshop hosted by the Xi Mu Chapter at the University of Delaware in Newark, Delaware.  Present included Dave Jakes, Dave Montouri, Jeff Hoffman and Rob McKeever.  The Association was represented in the Province Council meeting, held during Saturday lunch, by brothers Montouri and McKeever. The Philadelphia Association was represented by three attendees on Saturday, and Jeff Hoffman led a well attended alumni issue session.

March 15th, 2003 had a meeting and song rehearsal held at Dave Rosenmarkle’s Arlington office.  This meeting was our longest one yet, a whopping three hours, where local dues were enacted for the first time, making Association dues $25, in addition to $10 province and $25 national dues.  Brothers Rosenmarkle, Muha, Montouri, Schaefer, Wright, Groomes, McKeever, Olson, Schaefer, Longstreth, Wright, McCully and first-timers Wes George and Matt Reklau were present.  For the first time, we went around the table giving musical updates for each of the members.

 The fifth annual all-alumni ritual was held on April 26th, 2003, again at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Northwest DC. PG 27 Derek Danilson performed guest duty in the principal part, and he brought forth Delaware’s equipement with him. All told, 8 brothers partaked in the renewal of our ideals, Danilson, along with Brian Corbin, Les Wright, Dave Montouri, Jake Muha, Jeff Hoffman, Nels Olson, and Rob McKeever. Afterward, the lot retired a block away to McFadden’s for drinks and dinner, whilst getting an update on the NFL draft.  Further assembly discussions were filtered in between sips and bites, and reflection of the days events left to thought that the 6th ritual would be with our own equipment…

Several members attended the third alumni retreat at the Cole Harris Gun Club near Shippensburg, Pa, including Jake Muha, Les Wright, Jeff Schaefer, Jeff Hoffman and Rob McKeever.  They all rushed back on Sunday, May 18th, for the May meeting at Dave Rosenmarkle’s office.  Present at the Association meeting were Dave Groomes, Shannon Cloman, Jeff Hoffman, Jim McCully, Nels Olson, Dave Rosenmarkle, Dave Montouri, Terry Longstreth and Rob McKeever. T-Shirt fundraiser was discussed, along with details of where they were made (CafePress.com), how much items cost, and how much they cost in bulk to the association, and what we should set the price at for the assembly.  The meeting closed with musical updates again.

May 29th saw the Association’s Executive committee gather at Copeland’s in Rockville, for drink, dinner and business. Among intentions for the Assembly suite, the meeting also nailed down a tentative 2003-2004 schedule.  The absent member was Nels Olson, but Jake Muha stood in well, along with the rest of the committee, President Dave Groomes, Vice President Rob McKeever, Secretary Jeff Hoffman, and Treasurer Terry Longstreth.

May also saw the forced move of the website from sinfonia.net to a temporary home at groomes.net.  All sinfonia.net webspace was cancelled as of May 31, leaving chapters, associations and provinces scrambling for new homes for their sites, but url forwarding was promised from the old address to whatever address would show in our profile.  Though the profile shows the groomes.net address, the old address does not forward, thanks to a database based on chapter name rather than individual forwards sitting in the old directories. In the Association’s case, our directory was /dcalumni/, while our “chapter name” is considered to be “Washington DC”, and the database looks for the latter, as opposed to the promised former.

The June 21, 2003 meeting served as final planning for the Assembly, and final collating, stapling and labeling session for our first full Mailing in 5 years.  The mailing comprised of a President’s message from Brother Groomes, a calendar of upcoming events for 03-04, a summary of the past year’s events, a write-up on how to get involved, and a survey to return to express interest in getting involved with either manpower, musicpower or moneypower. All told, the 8 page mailing went out to 1243 Sinfonians in the greater Washington, D.C. Area.  Present in the effort were Jeff Hoffman, Jim McCully, Ed Matthews (welcome back, Ed!), Jake Muha, Dr. Ballo, Jeff Schaefer, Nels Olson, Shannon Cloman, Terry Longstreth, Dave Jakes, Les Wright, Rob McKeever and our host, Dave Rosenmarkle.  Also present was hot pizza and sodas to fuel the effort, and many thanks go out to Dave Rosemarkle and Jeff Hoffman for their effort to get the mailing together, both in compilation, editing and layout.

June 28th saw an organizational lunch held at the OMNI-Shoreham’s Robert’s Restaurant on the outdoor patio. Presiding was President Dave Groomes, along with a group comprised of Les Wright, Shannon Cloman, Terry Longstreth, Jake Muha, Nels Olson and Rob McKeever.  Discussion was on who would bring what for the suite and reception, how we would control legal age at the reception, and who planned on being there when.  Further volunteers were taken for various host duties for the Assembly. Jake Muha brough a friend with experience in alumni relations from the standpoint of Delta Sigma Pi fraternity, and illustrated how behind the times Sinfonia really is as far as alumni organizations are concerned. The news of the Central Florida group’s petition being approved by the Commission on Standards to be the fourth Alumni Association was heralded.

Sunday, July 13th, 2003 saw an informal potluck dinner at Jeff Hoffman’s home, with special guests (now fellow NEC members) Derek Danilson and Robb Whitmoyer.  A last preparation gathering for the assembly, those present dined and drank, and sorted t-shirts by design and size, and reviewed the candidate questionnaires that were returned prior to that night.  Others present included Terry Longstreth, Dave Montouri, Dave Rosenmarkle, Dave Groomes, Dave Jakes, Jake Muha and Rob McKeever.

The National Assembly was held July 16-20, 2003 at the OMNI-Shoreham hotel on Calvert Street in Woodley Park section of northwest Washington, D.C.  The Association was represented by at least 10 members a day, with some volunteering to do airport runs, many doing concierge duty, and just manning the alumni table.  All alumni proposals from the three alumni retreats and associated brothers passed, along with the PAC Resolution, and several alumni friendly candidates being elected to National office, including Province 27’s own Derek Danilson and Walter Riley. The Association gained two new members during the assembly, bringing us to 24 for calendar 2003.  The DCAAA suite hosted members and other alumni alike, and hosted an alumni affairs informal dinner gathering on the Friday night, an impromptu replacement for the weather-cancelled Army Band concert.  The larger suite hosted the Reception on Saturday night, and was a huge success.  Brother Ed Matthews had a marvelous array of beverages, and expertly tended bar for several hours.  All told, brothers at the reception from the Association included Mark Crewson, Pat Madden, Jeff Hoffman, Dave Groomes, Jake Muha, Brian Corbin, J. Adam Wyatt, James B. “Hutch” Hutchinson, Jr., James “Axel” Foley, Nels Olson, Shannon Cloman, Les Wright, Rob McKeever, Dave Montouri, Dave Jakes and Ed Matthews.  And Special thanks goes out to the secret, anonymous donor who paid for our Saturday suite bill.

A brief shakedown meeting was held on Saturday, July 26, 2003 at Brother Rosenmarkle’s office. The Assembly progress was reviewed and reported, as well as progress on the T-shirt sales. Present were Dave Rosenmarkle, Jeff Hoffman, Dave Montouri, James “Axel” Foley, Jim McCully, Jeff Schaefer, Dave Jakes and Rob McKeever. Pizza was had, two songs were sung this time, and a short business session turned into a positive long one, with a formal endorsement of Dave Rosenmarkle’s idea to sponsor an outstanding Music Educator awards program for the greater Metro area, and the idea of Wednesay night rehearsals at Dave Jakes’ school (Key Middle in Franconia).  The other development was a changing of the schedule to move elections up to the August 25 meeting, and shifting the September 13th date to be a “smoker” of sorts at Bailey’s in the old JC Penney’s at Ballston Commons Mall from 6:30 to 8:30 pm.  Also developed at this meeting was an agreement by Brother McCully to host the October 4th Founders Day Potluck Dinner and Celebration at his house in Alexandria.  His concert grand will enable music to go along with the celebration.

The 6th Annual Picnic was held on August 9, 2003, at Colonel Bourgeois’s home in Washington, VA.  The 70% chance of rain did not dampen the party, not even when a heavy shower passed through.  The Colonel’s food was again supurb, and he made sure that leftover jambalaya and wings made their way with departing guests.  Food and drink was plentiful, and most were stuffed just sampling all that was available.   Special thanks go to Jeff Schaefer, who took grillmaster duties this year.  We were treated to recordings of the Marine Band on the Colonel’s sound system, and plenty of affection from his cats.   Brothers in attendance were Dr. Ballo, Jim McCully, Nels Olson, Dave Jakes, Jeff Schaefer, Ken Lowenberg (Welcome, Ken!), Terry Longstreth, Jeff Hoffman, Dave Rosenmarkle, Colonel Bourgeois, and Rob McKeever. Also present were Terry’s wife, Jeff Schaefer’s girlfriend and two of her friends, and Jim’s friend Olivier from Paris.

The Colonel as usual had a fine selection of wine, which overshadowed the beer consumption.  The rainstorm gave the opportunity to hold the short nominations meeting inside the cabin, where the following brothers were nominated: Vice President, Jeff Schaefer (accepted); Secretary, Les Wright (declined); Treasurer, Terry Longstreth (accepted); and Member-at-Large, Nels Olson (declined) and Dave Jakes (accepted).


We held our 2003 Elections & Call Meeting at Dave Rosenmarkle’s Arlington Office on Saturday, August 23rd, 2003.  Present were Dave Jakes, Jake Muha, Jeff Hoffman, Jeff Schaefer, Dave Rosenmarkle, Shannon Cloman, Terry Longstreth, Nels Olson and Rob McKeever. The election results are as follows: Jeff Schaefer (Vice President); Jake Muha (Secretary); Terry Longstreth (Treasurer) and Dave Jakes (Member-at-Large).  We approved an amendment to the bylaws officially creating an appointed position of Historian, and agreed that the bylaws should be reviewed by a committee to clear up some specific concerns from the previous revision.  Pizza and soda was the fare for the evening, fueling us well for the phone call session that followed, sending out personal invites to the “Smoker” on September 13th.  The other item of note was our bank balance hit $2000 for the first time, albeit with almost $1900 in obligations.  Outgoing Secretary Hoffman accepted the Executive Committee’s appointment as our first recognized Historian.

We had our first of what we hope will become an annual smoker on September 13th, 2003, at Greveys Restaurant and Sports Bar in Merrifield, Virginia.  The event, suggested by Brother Dave Rosenmarkle, was for alumni in the area to get a chance to meet us.  We had a fine evening in a back corner of the restaurant, with food & beverage, and three Sinfonians new to the DCAAA: Paul Nasto, Gerry Auten and Charles Davis. Also sharing the fellowship were active members Shannon Cloman (PAC-27), Dave Rosenmarkle, Jeff Schaefer, Terry Longstreth, Jake Muha, Dave Jakes, Jeff Hoffman (DPG-27), Axel Foley and Rob McKeever.  Nels Olson was chastised for missing the function by virtue of a phone call inquiry – dangit Nels!

September 26th-28th, 2003: 2003 Province 27 Slam & Province Council Meeting, Frostburg, MD

October 4th, 2003: Founder’s Day Dinner & Celebration was held at Brother Jim McCully’s house in Alexandria. In addition to our host, brothers Hoffman, Reklau, Ruck, Montouri, Longstreth and McKeever were there, as was Dave’s wife Sally.  Some of the entertainment

October 25th 2003 saw a regular business meeting – awaiting minutes to confirm attendance there.


November 7-9 was the 4th alumni retreat at the Cole Harris Gun Club.  Representing the association were Brothers Hoffman, Schaefer, Muha and Cloman.  Even past president Groomes flew up from Florida for the weekend event!

November 22-23 saw a delegation of Schaefer & McKeever attend the Province 18 workshop at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.  They led two roundtable discussions on alumni relations (of all types), sessions that were well attended, even by the new Province Governor down there.

December 6, 2003 was scheduled to be the December event, but snow/ice conditions saw otherwise, and the event occurred on December 13th, 6 years to the day of the petition-signing meeting. A light crowd consisted of brothers Rosenmarkle (host), Olson, Muha, Hoffman, Longstreth & McKeever. Some business broke out, as there were reports on the results of the November alumni retreat, the progress of the music-educator award program (looking for first awarding in the spring of 2005), discussions about becoming more active in Province 18, and even suggesting a Maryland host for our Association day potluck in January.  The thought of a dues reminder notice was deferred to a later meeting of the exec board.

January 10, 2004  was the first business meeting of 2004, hosted once again by Brother Rosenmarkle.  Brothers Olson, Schaefer, Longstreth, Muha, McKeever, Matt Reklau and first timer Jason Zimmerman, Beta Tau.


January 31, 2004 was our 6th birthday, or the 7th Association Day (January 31, 1998 was the first).  We celebrated with lunch and games at Dave & Buster’s at White Flint Mall.  A crowd of eight, led by 6 brothers and two wives, attended. We learned the hard way that White Flint Mall isn’t exactly a good winter walk from White Flint Metro. Terry Longstreth and his wife were there first, followed by Jake Muha and Rob McKeever; the walkers from the metro, Wes & Em George and Jeff Schaefer, and finally Shannon Cloman.  We made sure there were rides back to the metro, and made a note to check these things in advance next time! (Even a seasoned Association makes mistakes!)


February 21, 2004 saw a delegation of 6 brothers attend the Province 27 workshop at Morgan State in Baltimore. Among those present included Dave Jakes, Jeff Hoffman, Jake Muha, Shannon Cloman, Jeff Schaefer and Rob McKeever.  Certificates were presented by the Province to several Association members for their volunteer efforts at the convention.


March 13, 2004 served a business meeting at Dave Rosenmarkle’s Provicial Real Estate office in Arlington. Many of the usual suspects were present, including Rosenmarkle himself, Jeff Hoffman, Jake Muha, Rob McKeever, Terry Longstreth, Jeff Schaefer, and Shannon Cloman.  Jeff Hoffman gave a stirring report of January’s Alumni Affairs Committee meeting, and we considered adopting a budget framework based on the 2003 budget, but postponed its consideration to the next meeting.  It was reported that Province Governor Danilson was working on convincing Lyrecrest to do formal charter certificates for Associations.  Dave Rosenmarkle suggested that we put out a monthly e-newsletter, coupled with a periodic snail-mail effort.


March 27, 2004 found Vice President Shaefer running the show, with brothers Muha, Rosenmarkle, Longstreth and Hoffman present.

May 22, 2004 was an exec committee meeting followed by a business meeting at Dave Rosenmarkle’s office.  Present were Terry Longstreth, Jeff Hoffman, Shannon Cloman, Dave Jakes, Jeff Schaefer, Jake Muha, Dave Rosenmarkle and Rob McKeever.  The summer schedule was nailed down, starting with formally eliminating the tentative amusement park trip for June 12 and replacing it with a dinner at the Capitol City Brewery. The remainder 04 was ratified as well, with some locations to be determined.  Dave R. gave a report on the Outstanding music educator program.  The e-newsletter was suggested again, with a target of having the first one out by June 1. Dave R. offered to compile it, with Jake doing the distributing.  Several brothers offered to provide content to Dave, including a Province update (Jeff H), a “this month in DCAAA” column by Jake, and Jeff S and Rob M offered to provide content as well.  The issue of 2005 dues was discussed, as to what we might want to do with the National increase from $25 to $40 for 2005.  A suggestion was made we pass on the increase, making our total $75.  Another suggestion was made to offer two installments of $40 each, payable on Nov 1 and May 1, or a single payment of $75. 

June 12, 2004 was a Social/Dinner function at Capitol City Brewery at their 1100 New York Ave NW location, a block from Metro Center Metro Station in DC.  Dave Rosenmarkle, newcomer John Carter (Nu Gamma), Jeff Hoffman, Jeff Schaefer & Dawn, Shannon Cloman & his wife, Dave Jakes and Rob McKeever all had a time over beer, soft pretzels and dinner.

Four brothers gathered at Jeff Hoffman’s house on June 19th to help him with revisions to the Alumni Association manual, assisting the Alumni Affairs Committee.  In addition to Jeff, Dave Rosenmarkle, Shannon Cloman and Rob McKeever were there.  They spent much time getting sidetracked into the state of the Association, but still managed to get some work done rewriting the “associations for dummies” manual, as Jeff dubbed it!

June 26, 2004 will be officer nominations for the 2004-2005 office year. Nominations were taken for Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and Member at Large.  Brother Schaefer will inherit the Presidency upon the elections themselves. Nominated include: Jake Muha, Vice President (accepted), Dave Jakes, Member-at-Large (accepted by proxy), Rob McKeever, Member-at-Large (accepted) and Terry Longstreth, Treasurer (accepted by proxy).

Jeff Schaefer’s listserv wrap up of the July 10th, 2004 event: “Greetings, I would like to take a few minutes to provide all of you who could not make Saturday's event with a brief synopsis.  Those who were in attendance at Sine' included Rob & Barb McKeever, Jeff Hoffman, Les Wright, Dave Jakes, John Carter, James "Axel" Foley and Jessica Hingle, Jeff Schaefer & Dawn Smith, and Terry Longstreth.  Nels Olson, who was both early & late, had to leave early for another engagement but we were happy he hung out with us for awhile.  The young ladies were treated to a serenade, conducted by Dave (great job!), even before our meals arrived.  The food at Sine' was a delicious mix of Irish and American fare.  We wrapped up the evening by singing the Parting Song outside of the restaurant in Pentagon Row.”

August 4th saw the release of the first PDF newsletter, a single page (front & back) affair coordinated by Jeff Schaefer and Dave Rosenmarkle.  This newsletter was mailed first-class to the 225+ snail address list on August 5, 2004.  The newsletter contained details on the 7th Annual Picnic hosted by Col. Bourgeois, as well as a calendar of events through October. This was the first snail effort by the Association since the June 2003 8-page mailing to the full list of 1247 Sinfonians in the greater DC area.  It is hoped that the PDF newsletters will continue on a monthly basis, with one each quarter going out in snail mail.

A fine crowd attended the 7th Annual Picnic hosted by Col. Bourgeois.  The rain held off long enough for food to be cooked and eaten, and it had ended by the time we cleaned up to go home. Jeff Hoffman assumed the roll of grillmaster, this year with huge burgers, Johnsonville brats, and smoked sausage on the grill.  The Colonel’s Jumbalaya for sure did not disappoint.  The wine was plentiful, and despite best efforts, most of the red was consumed.  We had a fair music session, with songbook requests, and Axel Foley playing his trumpet some.

All told, present were Jared Ivory (Zeta Iota), Danial Marchese (Epsilon Rho), Jim Westerhouse (Rho Omega), Micah White (Nu Psi), Derek Danilson & guest (girlfriend we presume), Axel Foley, Nels Olson, Jake Muha, Carl Ruck, Dave Jakes, Jeff Hoffman, Jim McCully & friend Derek, John Carter, Terry & Jean Longstreth, Rob McKeever and, of course, Col. Bourgeois.


8-28-04: Business Meeting @ Friendly’s Restaurant, Arlington

9-18-04: 2nd annual smoker @ Joe Theismann’s at King Street Metro in Alexandria, Va.  Present were Brothers Shaefer, Muha and McKeever.

10-2-04: Founders’ Day Potluck at Jim McCully’s home.  Present: Schaefer, McCully, McKeever, Hoffman, Ruck, Longstreth    

10-23-04: Business Meeting @ Rosenmarkle

11-6-04, 11-20-04 & 12-4-04: rehearsals at Unity of Fairfax

12-11-04: Hawaiian Christmas Sing (MMM) at Unity Church, Oakton Va.  24 Brothers got together to sing carols, including several new arrangements by Brother Chris Sexton.  Broken down:

·        DCAAA Regulars: Present: Hoffman, Sexton, McKeever, Todd Jack, Cloman, Longstreth, Olson, Schaefer, Rosenmarkle

·        Howard (Zeta Iota): Jared Ivory, Sterlliing Anderson, Brent Birckhead, John W. Steele, Jr.,  James Toney, Bert Dumas, Ernest Thompson, Paul A Phifer (Chapter President)

·        Louis D. Roberts of Pi Gamma (Bethune-Cookman College in Florida – travel distance winner for the event)

·        Christopher Newport (Omicron Nu): Andy Wells, Andy Winters, Kristian Nielsen

·        James Madison (Gamma Alpha): Thomas Florio


2-5-05: Meeting @ Rosenmarkle’s.  January weather was not kind, seeing two postponements in a row.

3-5-05: Meeting/Rehearsal @ Unity of Fairfax

4-3-05: Meeting/BBQ at Terry Longstreth’s Laurel home.

4-9-05: Northeast Regional in Richmond  Brothers Hoffman, Jakes, Schaefer and McKeever attend. (Photos timestamped 4-17-05) National President Rich Crosby was feature speaker, and “We’re not from around here” briefly resurfaced in a reprise from the 2003 Province 18 workshop trip…

7-10-05: Meeting at Rosenmarkle’s office

A record crowd of 25 attended the 8th Annual picnic at Col. Bourgeois’ Washington, Va., home, on August 6, 2005  The balance of women was also the best ever seen, with at least 10 women present.


A third annual smoker was held at the AMF lanes in College Park, Md., on 24 September 2005. Present were Ben Whelan-Morin, Nels Olson, Jeff Hoffman, Shannon Cloman, Rob McKeever, Jim McCully, Terry Longstreth and Jake Muha.

Rehearsal @ CCPC 11-20-05

Rehearsal @ CCPC 12-4-05

Christmas Sing 12-11-05

Association Day @ Capital City Brew Pub, Union Station, Washington DC

Rehearsal @ CCPC 2-11-06

MMM 2-19-06: The attendees for the Mills Music Mission were: Terry Longstreth, Dave Montuori, Jeff Hoffman, Shannon Cloman, Jeff Schaefer and Nels Olson.  We had eight brothers from Zeta Iota, including President James Toney.  I don't know the names of the other seven. 

Province 27 Workshop March 3-5, 2006

Sing for Dr Ballo, March 18, 2006

Meeting @ Chevy Chase PC: April 15, 2006: Present: President Cloman, Treasurer Lonstreth, host Lowenberg, Schaefer and McKeever. Rough docket reviewed for upcoming convention.

Meeting @ Chevy Chase PC: May 20, 2006

Rehearsal @ CCPC: May 21, 2006

Sing on HOT 99.5 (WIHT): May 26, 2006

Meeting July 15, 2006


Another record crowd attended the 9th Annual picnic hosted by Col. Bourgeois on August 19, 2006. 31 brothers attended, shattering the prior year overall record, including two NEC members (Brothers Walter Riley and Micah White) and PG-14 Brian Stratton, and 12 other first time attenders.  Nominations were taken for 2006-2007 officers, with Ben Whelan-Morin for Vice President, Terry Longstreth for Treasurer, and Dave Montouri for Secretary. No nominations were taken for Member-at-Large.  Others present: Col. Bourgeois, Jim George, Jeff Hoffman, Dave Jakes, Terry Longstreth, Ken Lowenberg, Nels Olson, Dave Rosenmarkle, Carl Ruck, Jeff Schaefer, Chris Sexton, Adam Wyatt, Jared Ivory, Ben Whelan-Morin, Chip Mullins, Justin Turpin, Brian Butler, Greg Spangler, Bryan Dickson, Jason Day, Matt Williams, Scott Hiser, David Shipley, Dan Williams, Alan Cook, Evan Ayars, and Chris Capaccio.


Terry Longstreth hosted the September 2006 meeting at his Laurel, Md., home.  Elections were completed, with Ben Whelan-Morin (Zeta Omega) being elected Vice President; Terry being re-elected Treasurer, Dave Montouri re-elected Secretary, and Jeff Schaefer elected Member-at-Large.  Also present were President Shannon Cloman, Historian Jeff Hoffman and Rob McKeever.


The group meets monthly, sometimes more frequently, and invites all Brothers available to join in song, fellowship and Brotherhood. Please contact Jeff Hoffman, historian@dcsinfonia.org or Jeff Schaefer, Schaefer@sinfonia.org, for more information.

Compiled by Rob McKeever, AZ ’93.  Partially updated September 26 & 28, 2006; Last full update August 7, 2004. (Corrections made in the June-August 1998 timeframe on September 26, 2006, specifically the addition of the June event, and corrections to the August dates, including the fact that the picnic was in July)  (Data for events for 2004-2006 in the process of being added and are not yet complete) (Further updates September 28, 2006, to include location/address for April 1998 and address for May 1998; website move date confirmed as 12-5-97; Nov 97 details added, including initial Mark Crewson announcement of 11-5-97)